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9 Magical Tips and Tricks to Mary Poppins Your Diaper Bag Game

9 Magical Tips and Tricks to Mary Poppins Your Diaper Bag Game

Being a mom is like navigating a Lego minefield while blindfolded.

The likelihood that you’re going to walk away with a few cuts and bruises is high, but if you pay attention, you may be able to navigate through more smoothly next time. This is motherhood in a nutshell. We all make mistakes, but we learn from them and we can also learn from each other.  

My hope is that the following tips and tricks will help other parents to get through life with kids more easily. When I go out with my 2 toddlers, having an organized and prepared diaper bag alleviates a lot of stress. I may feel like a hot mess most of the time, but at least I know where my wipes and butt cream are. #winning

On that note, let the organizing begin!

Always have a diaper bag packed and ready to go.

I can’t begin to tell you how good it feels when life throws you a curveball and you proceed to smack it out of the park. This is how it feels when you have to rush out the door with kids in tow and your bag is right by the door ready for you to grab and go. You will be so thankful that you thought ahead and didn’t have to waste time tracking down snack bags or an extra change of clothes. My daily diaper bag usually contains one outfit per kid, diapers or potty training needs, wipes, change pad, snacks, toys and books, electronic device charging needs, med kit, and mommy needs.

Always keep a fully stocked diaper bag in the car.

Having a designated car diaper bag will not only make sure you aren’t left out in the middle of nowhere without a clean change of clothes and a diaper, but also to pack your daily diaper bag more lightly if you so choose. My car diaper bag usually contains clothes, diapers, wipes, trash bags, change pad, wet bag, eating needs, a sippy cup or bottle per kid, one or two blankets, and a med kit. 

Packing cubes and pouches are your friends.

My absolute favorite way to pack is with packing cubes and pouches. I use them for pretty much everything including clothes, diapers, baby wearing gear, phone charging cables, medical supplies, etc. Each member of my family has their own packing cube color so I know immediately where to go for each person’s items. My recommended brands are Jujube, Twelvelittle, Itzy Ritzy, Planet Wise, and G4Free on Amazon.

Snacks, snacks and more snacks.

Always pack whatever food source your children need at that stage in their lives. No one likes to be stuck in a long line at Target with a hangry child or two letting the world know that Mom forgot to pack the Goldfish. I’ve been her, and she will never forget the Goldfish again! I highly recommend the Re-Play snack towers, Itzy Ritzy snack bags, Planet Wise snack bags, and The Sensible Mama LYMIA sunglasses case. The sunglasses case is great for breakable snacks such as breakfast bars, Baby Mum-mums and granola bars. 

Wet bags are essential to a well-packed diaper bag.

I always have a wet bag in my diaper bag and in my car, sometimes two. Not only do they keep the wet in, but they can also keep the wet out. I use wet bags for wet or dry clothes, baby wearing gear, eating needs, teething toys, toys in general, book or planner, etc. I recommend Smart Bottoms, Kanga Care, Itzy Ritzy, and Planet Wise wet bags.

Always keep an “eating needs” pouch in the car or diaper bag so it’s easy to grab when going out to eat.

I often take it to the park with us as well. My “eating needs” pouch usually contains 2 Jujube Be Neat bibs, 2 Mini EzPz mats, 2 sets of Re-Play utensils, wipes, and a wet bag. When my kids are done eating, I wipe everything with a baby wipe and throw it into a wet bag to await a more thorough cleaning when I get home. My recommended pouches are the Twelvelittle Companion Pouch, Jujube Be Quick, Smart Bottoms small wet bag, or Jujube Fuel Cell. The best part of using a wet bag as a pouch is that it cuts out one thing that needs to be packed inside.

Having multiple diaper bags to choose from will prolong the life of your bags and add a little spice to your everyday.

Not everyone wants nor needs more than one diaper bag, but I have found that it is nice to have a few options to serve different purposes. I feel that one’s basic diaper bag stash should include one backpack, one tote, and one duffel. Backpacks are, hands down, the best bags to use when juggling small babies and/or running after toddlers. Totes are great for shopping, pool bags, and strollers. Duffels are the best for travel or long days out. My current favorite brands are Jujube, Twelvelittle, Itzy Ritzy, and Planet Wise.

Try to find diaper bags that work well for different uses in order to increase their usefulness.

Most diaper bags can make great travel, work, computer, or school bags. Having a diaper bag that can be used in different ways may encourage you to pay a little bit more for quality. There are many fashionable diaper bags nowadays that don’t even remotely look like diaper bags. It’s important for Mom to feel good about herself and a smart looking diaper bag may be just the ticket!

Do your research when looking for a diaper bag in order to find one that is right for you and your family.

I am an avid proponent to researching products before buying them. There are quite a few resources one can take advantage of when looking for diaper bags and baby accessories. My recommendations are YouTube, Amazon, Facebook groups, and Instagram. When you have a brand or two in mind, try joining their “fan” Facebook group in order to get real life reviews and pics from other parents. My favorite community group is The Sensible Mama Chat-O-Rama!

These 9 tips have helped me sail through the rocky waters of motherhood and I hope they do the same for you!

****This article was written by Angela Speiler. For more of Angela's excellent content, make sure to follow @themagicalbaglady on Instagram. Angela was compensated for her work, but if you would like to support this amazing mama further, you can shop at The Sensible Mama through her affiliate link below. It's free for you to use, and Angela receives a commission on every sale made through her link. 


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