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Innobaby Suction Divided Plate - Perfect for Plate Tossers!

Innobaby Suction Divided Plate - Perfect for Plate Tossers!

My toddler is a confirmed plate tosser. We tried an endless array of suction plates which promised to stay stuck to the table, and none of them worked for us. With just a few well-placed tugs, my son managed to get his food flying across the room in no time. 

When I heard that Innobaby -- one of the brands we carry at The Sensible Mama -- was coming out with a divided suction plate, I as skeptical. I ordered a small quantity of them to test them out, but mostly assumed they were just a gimmick like the others we have tried. I was absolutely shocked when I discovered that this one actually works! I won't lie ... it is sooooo satisfying to watch my son try to no avail to un-stick his plate. No matter how hard he tries, that plate is going nowhere. In fact, sometimes to my own surprise, I have a hard time unsticking the plate myself when it's time to clean up!

But the stickworthiness of this plate is just one of its many awesome features. Here are a few more: 


Great for Picky Eaters

I was one of those kids who hated my food touching. My mother threatened that I would have a child who was just as picky (translation -- frustrating) as me one day, and she was right. I have never in my life seen someone as triggered as my son is by having two food groups touch each other on his plate. The Innobaby suction plate has five divided sections, allowing each food to stay safely in its own territory. No more food-touching meltdowns!

Helps Me Think About Balanced Meals

Let me be frank. If I am preparing a meal for my son on a normal plate, I am tempted to just toss whatever I can forage from my fridge and pantry and plop it on his plate. The Innobaby suction plate, with its five sections, helps me think a little more cohesively about what food groups should be represented in his meals. Many pediatricians agree that each of the five major food groups -- Vegetables, Fruit, Grain, Lean Protein, and Dairy -- should be represented in every meal my child eats. I decided to assign a food group to each of the five sections. This way, I know I am not finished preparing his meal until I have all five sections of his plate filled with the appropriate food group. 

Dishwasher Safe and Wipe Friendly

Sorry, I have no interest in hand washing anything I don't have to. I love that I can toss my son's plate right into the dishwasher with the rest of my dishes and not give it another thought. And if I happen to be using the plate at a restaurant? The buttery silicone comes clean in an instant with nothing more than a wet napkin or a baby wipe. 

Microwave Safe

Toddler plates that are not microwave safe just add one (or more) extra steps to a parent's mealtime routine, and NOBODY has time for that. There is nothing better than whipping out last night's leftovers at lunch time, dipping some onto my son's Innobaby plate, heating it up and viola!  Done!  

Freezer Safe

In my imaginary life, where I am a super organized Pinterest mom, I prepare my son's meals in advance and freeze them so that I am always a step or two ahead. Whenever I summon the fortitude to merge my imaginary life with my real one, I will be super grateful that I can place my prepped meals in the Innobaby plate, toss it in the freezer, and be 100% ready to go when meal time comes around (after it thaws, of course ....)

Oven Safe Up To 400 Degrees

Say whaaaaa? This little factoid truly astonishes me. I can't understand the physics of how such a buttery soft plate can survive the oven without melting, but I sure am glad it's true! Granted, I am probably more likely to use this plate in the microwave than the oven. But still, the more options the better, I always say! 

So, there you have it. Hands down, this is my favorite mealtime accessory for my little plate tosser. These great plates retail for $19.99 and come in three fabulous colors -- blue, pink, and orange. Check them out at The Sensible Mama by clicking here!

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