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Product Spotlight: Planet Wise Packing Cubes

Product Spotlight: Planet Wise Packing Cubes

Let’s be honest, we moms (particularly those of us in the diaper bag community) love to be organized. There is really no better feeling than to have everything in its place and easy to get to. That is probably why we love brands like Ju-Ju-Be and Itzy Ritzy as much as we do; they provide us with a way to bring order to our chaotic mom lives.

I was shocked when I learned that Planet Wise would be producing a line of packing cubes. In recent months, I had spent a lot of time researching packing cubes. I had even bought a few different brands to try. But generally, I found them to be either too pricey, too flimsy, or just the wrong size for what I needed. I really hoped that Planet Wise would  deliver an affordable, stylish, and functional set of packing cubes that would bring my packing game to the next level.

They did NOT disappoint! Let me quickly explain why I love these packing cubes so much.


1) You can mix and match

Most packing cubes come in a bundle with a small, medium, and large cube. Although I generally prefer to buy in bundles when it’s appropriate, I actually feel that bundling packing cubes is a bad idea. What if you don’t need a huge packing cube, but you need several medium sized cubes? Bundled sets of packing cubes really limit your ability to pack the way you want to. I love that the Planet Wise packing cubes are priced and sold separately so that moms and dads can pick exactly which sizes they need (and don’t need).

2) So affordable!

The Planet Wise packing cubes are some of the most affordable on the market. This is really important when you consider that some families might want a set of packing cubes for every member of the family. That is an expense that can add up fast. The Planet Wise packing cubes are priced as follows:

  • Large cube: $8
  • Medium cube: $7
  • Small cube: $6

That means that if you buy a complete set, your total cost comes to only $21. Not a bad price at all! I’ll admit that I have found cheaper packing cubes on Amazon. However, I have generally found that those cubes were cheaply made and quickly fell apart. For the excellent quality you get with these Planet Wise packing cubes, you can’t beat the price.

3) Many cute colors

As of November 2017, the Planet Wise packing cubes come in four fun colors. You can assign a unique color to each member to keep everyone’s belongings separated, or you can create your own fun mix-and-match sets. I have a hunch that Planet Wise might be coming out with more prints in 2018, but we’ll have to wait and see. The currently available prints are:

  • Chevron Way (grey chevron)
  • Blue Traveler
  • Pink Escape
  • Black Voyager
  • Houndstooth Tour

4) They fit nicely in most duffles and luggage

I recently posted a video on my YouTube channel showing how these awesome little packing cubes fit inside the Ju-Ju-Be Super Star and Starlet. I’ll say that they definitely fit much better in the bigger sized Super Star than in the Starlet, but they both worked very well. In the Super Star, I was able to fit all three sizes of the packing cubes and all three Ju-Ju-Be Be Organized pieces. In the Starlet, I was able to fit the large and small packing cubes (but not the medium) and the small and medium Be Organized pieces. The possibilities for organizing a duffle or luggage with these cubes are practically limitless.

5) Great for cloth diapering moms

All three packing cubes are great for holding cloth diapers. The large cube can hold up to 24 cloth diapers, making it a great option for longer trips or when traveling with more than one baby in diapers. The medium cube can hold up to 14 cloth diapers, or you can remove a few diapers and toss in a thin change pad, wet bag, wipes, and powder. The small cube can hold up to 6 cloth diapers, but I have found that 4 of my pocket diapers fit best. Six is pushing it a bit. What I love about the small packing cube is that it fits great in most of my diaper bags, so I can use it as an on-the-go diapering kit.

To see a more in-depth review of the Planet Wise packing cubes, check out my video here:

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