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I will never forget buying my first diaper bag. I did no research. I hardly shopped around. I bought the first bag that caught my eye and brought it home as my new prized possession. I couldn’t wait to fill it up with baby gear once my little one arrived. Just prior to the birth of my son, I shoved four newborn-sized diapers and a wipes container into my monster of a bag and then stared – clueless – at the seemingly endless unused space that was left. I scratched my head. 

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For many of you, I don’t need to explain. You already know the joys of baby wearing and you wouldn’t have it any other way. Others of you may be wondering what is the big deal about baby wearing.

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I made lots of dumb mistakes with my first child. Well, maybe I shouldn’t call them mistakes. Let’s say I made some decisions that seem silly now that I’m a more experienced mom. Here is my list of the Top 5 Things I will totally do differently when my next baby comes.

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