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The 2018 YouTube Partner Program Change and Its Effect on Mom Entrepreneurs

The 2018 YouTube Partner Program Change and Its Effect on Mom Entrepreneurs

It inspires me deeply to know that so many of our customers and followers are aspiring mom-entrepreneurs (momtrepreneurs). Whether they are starting their own business, writing blogs, or creating other forms of useful mommy-related content, most of these moms use YouTube to gain exposure. In addition to the exposure, many moms look forward to the financial upside of gaining revenue from monetizing their channels and earning AdSense money. 

Being successful at YouTube takes a lot of work. Growth is slow and often painful, and it takes most YouTubers at least a year -- usually more -- to receive even their first AdSense payout. I devoted approximately 9 hours per week to YouTube in my first year, and received my first AdSense payout of $100 exactly one year after starting my channel. If you do the math, that means I got paid around $0.21 per hour for all my hard work. Anyone in their right mind would be crazy to do that much work for so little pay! But I, like so many other creators out there, have been tirelessly plugging away at it because the promise of YouTube is that with hard work and dedication your channel will eventually become profitable. 

The 2018 changes to the YouTube Partner Program are now making it even harder for aspiring momtrepreneurs to be successful and make money on YouTube. To be honest, it really stinks. Especially for small channels who are just getting started. 

However, it is not the end of the world and I do believe that these changes -- despite how unfair they feel at the moment -- will be beneficial to all momtrpreneurs in the future. In the video below,  I discuss why I believe these changes took place and give my tips for overcoming this setback so that aspiring creators can get back in the program as quickly as possible. If this video is helpful to you, and you know momtrepreneurs or other creators who could learn from it, please feel free to share. 

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