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Tips for Scoring on Ju-Ju-Be's Limited Release Nights

Tips for Scoring on Ju-Ju-Be's Limited Release Nights

My first time shopping a limited release with Ju-Ju-Be was a fiasco. It was the Donutella's Sweet Shop release, and I had zero experience. I knew that the quantities were small. I knew I would have to act fast. But I just didn't know the little tricks that the pros use in order to make sure they score. I carted everything on my list, clicked "Check Out" and was immediately notified that I had lost it all except my BRB (which is now a prized possession). 

With more and more of the Ju-Ju-Be releases being super limited, having a strategic shopping plan is a must! Here are the tips for shopping at The Sensible Mama on limited release nights. Even if you don't plan to shop with us, I feel that most of these (with the exception of Flex Pay) will apply no matter where you shop. So, let's dive in!

1. Prioritize Your Shopping List STRATEGICALLY

I think everyone knows that having a list is important. However, you might not know how to be strategic when putting your list together. Start by ordering all items on your list according to what you want the most. Let's say you want a big bag and a few accessories. Perhaps you would order your list like this:

  • BRB
  • Be Quick
  • Be Spendy
  • Be Set

That's a great list! But what this list doesn't account for is the fact that some items on the list are easier to score than others. For example, in this list, the BRB and the Be Spendy are two items that tend to stick around a little longer than other items. The Be Quick and the Be Set, on the other hand, sell out almost immediately. Since you will likely not be able to cart everything on your list at once (see point #2 below), you need to know which items you should cart FIRST before you lose them. A more strategic shopping list would look like this:

  • Be Set
  • Be Quick
  • BRB
  • Be Spendy

This list more accurately reflects the order in which items tend to sell out during limited release nights. The smaller accessories like the Be Set, Be Quick, Be Organized, and Fuel Cell, as well as the unstructured bags like the Be Light and Super Be, tend to be the things that sell out first. Items that sell out the slowest tend to be bigger items like the Be Prepared, Be Classy, BFF, and BRB. Why does this matter? See point number 2. 

2. Plan on Doing Multiple Transactions

If you are like me at the DSS release and try adding everything on your list at once, you will probably end up losing everything in your cart. The key to scoring at least some of the things on your list is to do multiple transactions. Instead of adding everything to your cart at once, plan on adding one item at a time, completing the check out process, and going back for the next thing on your list. This is where your strategically made list becomes important. If you add, for example, the Be Spendy to your cart first, it is possible that everything else on your list will be gone before you can complete your first check out process. You need to add the most sought-after items to your cart first and make sure you score those, then go back for the less popular items. 

If you are shopping at The Sensible Mama on release nights, we guarantee to combine your transactions into one order and refund any shipping fees you were charged. We pride ourselves on this policy. It takes a lot of time on our end, but we believe that it is worth it so that our customers can increase their odds of scoring everything in their list without accruing tons of shipping fees.

3. Use PayPal, if Possible

There is no doubt that PayPal is the fastest way to check out on limited release nights. Sometimes, whether you score comes down to how fast your payment processes. All of your billing, shipping, and payment information is already logged in your PayPal account, which means that you don't have to enter any of that information like you would if you were using a credit card. PayPal also seems to process faster than credit cards, which saves you precious time. The pro-tip to using PayPal on limited release nights is to make sure that you are already logged in to PayPal before you check out. Open The Sensible Mama website in one tab, and PayPal in another tab. Go through all the steps to log into PayPal before the limited release begins. That way, when it's time to check out, you are directed immediately to PayPal checkout and are not stalled by PayPal's login screen. 

4. Check Your Signal Strength

You can have the fastest fingers on the planet, but if your signal strength is poor and your internet is slow, you will still miss out. Before it's time for the release to begin, go into the settings menu on your computer and check your signal strength. If you are using WiFi and your signal strength is weak, see if moving closer to your wireless router helps improve the signal. It might sound silly, but every second counts. Having the strongest signal possible gives you the best chances to score. 

5. Use the Web Instead of Mobile

There is nothing that will slow you down like getting an unexpected, full-screen push notification on your phone while checking out. Heaven help the person who calls you during launch time! Overall, the computer is a more reliable source to use while placing your order. In addition to the fact that there are less interruptions on your computer, the computer also has a bigger screen which makes navigation much easier. It's been my experience that checking out quickly is just far less complicated on the web than on a phone. 

6. Use Flex Pay at Your Own Risk 

At The Sensible Mama, we offer a lay-away option called Flex Pay. Flex Pay allows you to buy NOW, get it NOW, and pay only a small down payment at checkout. Your purchase ships out the next day and you pay the remaining balance over time. We are very proud to offer this service because it allows some customers who shop who otherwise could not afford to do so. However, there are some risks to using it. First, there are several windows you have to walk through in order to complete your Flex Pay order. Lots of information for you to enter manually. This can definitely slow you down. Second, Flex Pay takes a few seconds longer to process the payment than PayPal or credit card. This means that if you and someone else have the same item in your cart, and you are using Flex Pay and they are using PayPal, they will successfully complete checkout faster and will therefore score the item. Remember, having something in your cart does NOT guarantee that you will score it.  Until you have successfully completed checkout and received a confirmation number, there could be dozens of people with the same item in their cart and that item goes to whoever checks out the fastest. Using a slow checkout method like Flex Pay can interfere with your ability to score. So, although we do offer Flex Pay on release nights, we urge all customers to use it at their own risk. 

7. Go To a Trunk Show 

Not everyone has the privilege of a nearby trunk show. If there is a boutique near you that is hosting a trunk show, try your best to go! Trunk shows are a blast! You get to meet other mamas and look at beautiful bags. I have met some people who will be lifelong friends while waiting in line for a trunk show to open (for example, I met Sara from my First Look videos on YouTube at a trunk show!). Trunk shows often have snacks and games, which make it a really festive experience. Plus, going to a trunk show increases your odds of scoring some of the things on your list, and you even get to pick your print placement! Best of all, you are supporting local businesses, which are usually mama-owned and sincerely appreciate you. If you don't score everything on your list, you can still shop online at The Sensible Mama at the midnight release! 

So, those are my best tips for scoring on limited release nights. I hope this helped! Try putting these tips to use baby when you shop the Ju-Ju-Be Rose Gold collection on April 3 at 12:00am PST! 

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Theresa Cruz - June 22, 2019

Wow. This is great! Now I know. I hope someday if theres a new toki release. I can score some. Thanks for this tips Amber ❤

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