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Momtrepreneur - Equipping Moms to Build a Business and A Brand From Home

I have been so thrilled by the response I've gotten from the my recent content on building a business and a brand. I had no idea that so many moms were so hungry for advice on how to start, grow, and nurture a mama-owned business. 

So, we have created this new Momtrepreneur tab here on the site to serve as a resource for all of our momtrepreneurs. I feel that this resource will be helpful to all types of moms, but in particular for those who want to:

  • start their own business from home
  • become a social media influencer
  • collaborate with brands to do product reviews
  • start and grow a YouTube channel, Instagram, or blog, or
  • become a public figure or role model

I hope you will check in frequently to see what new resources we have! We have big plans for a new Sensible Mama Ambassador program that we intend to roll out soon to help momtrepreneurs make money from home. Start building your brand now so that you are in the best position to make money when the program rolls out. Stay tuned! 

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