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How Moms Can Save The Planet and Look Cute, Too

How Moms Can Save The Planet and Look Cute, Too

There is a reason why moms are obsessed with bags. Firstly, we just have so much stuff we need to carry with us. Secondly, it seems like we are constantly having things thrust into our hands. We have to make sure we have vessels for holding all of our stuff. 

Problem is, diaper bags and purses can be expensive. We don’t mind paying a premium price for beautiful and functional bags, but sometimes we just need a nice, inexpensive, functional bag that fits neatly into our diaper bag and serves as backup. 

That’s where YayBags com. 

Original size on left, Jumbo size on right. 

The YayBag is a reusable, machine washable bag that comes in two sizes - Original and Jumbo. Both sizes come with an internal elastic band so that you can roll the bag up into a tiny rectangle (which fits inside of a coin purse!) and keep secure. They come in tons of adorable and elegant prints and cost only $10 and $12 respectively. YayBags are thin and come with no internal organization, which is probably the only downside. However, these bags aren’t designed to be stand-alone diaper bags. They are meant to be a catch-all, and for that purpose they are just perfect. 

The Original size is most equivalent in size to the Ju-Ju-Be Be Light.  It comes with a short handle, which can be used as a grab-handle or can go over the shoulder if you are petite. The bag can hold up to 55 lbs and measures 16”W x 22”H. 

Original YayBag on left, J-Ju-Be Be Light on right.

The Jumbo size is most comparable to the Ju-Ju-Be All That Tote. It comes with a long handle, making it great as an over the shoulder bag for most body types. Like the Original size, it can hold up to 55 lbs and had a larger measurement of 20”W x 28”H.

Jumbo YayBag on left, Ju-Ju-Be All That Tote on right. 


The YayBag brand is committed to the movement of eliminating single-use bags in an effort to save our planet, and also donates 20% of all proceeds to help Cambodian genocide survivors. Those are two agendas that we at The Sensible Mama can stand behind, and we are proud to carry the brand. Check out all colors and prints currently in stock by heading over to our website. 

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