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Keeping Ourselves and Our Customers Safe from COVID-19 - A Message from C.E.O. Amber Wardell

I have always been dedicated to the health and safety of my customers. As an online retailer who began in my home, I am already very familiar with keeping stock sterile and clean when myself or members of my family were sick. This experience of keeping family members (especially sick kids!) away from inventory, order forms, packing slips, packing materials, etc, has been great practice and preparation for COVID-19. 

We now operate out of a warehouse, which is already highly sterile. To be honest, our commitment to health and safety is so great that it doesn't feel like too much is changing. However, during this time we are monitoring and adopting the recommendations of the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) as well as local health authorities to ensure that we are in compliance with all recommended safety precautions. 

There will be no disruption in customer service, tech support, and community management, as these roles are already filled by employees who work from home and who have no interaction with our inventory. 

We are currently operating our warehouse in shifts with minimal staff in the building at a time.  Because we are working in shifts, we are able to maintain our typical pace of shipping, with most orders being fulfilled same day or the following day. We will update you if this changes. 

Anyone coming in contact with inventory, packaging materials, etc must be symptom free and have come in no contact with anyone showing symptoms of COVID-19. No children are allowed in the warehouse at this time. 

We are only placing orders with vendors who have provided written documentation of their compliance with WHO and CDC safety precautions, so that we can assure that anything entering our warehouse is sterile. 

All of these measures, combined with our usual common sense approach to cleanliness and safety, allow us to continue operations even during these unusual times. Thank you for your continued support of The Sensible Mama! It is a blessing to serve you. 


LYMIA! amber

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