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Six Baby Shower Gifts That No One Else Will Think To Bring

Choosing a gift for a baby shower can be a little overwhelming. Yes, there is sometimes a registry to work from, but not always. And perhaps more importantly, seasoned moms know that many of the items that find their way onto every baby registry are not useful AT ALL in reality (thank you, wipes warmer). Be the cool shower-attendee by bringing one of these seldom thought-of but oh so practical gifts for baby AND for mom:


Dry shampoo and a cute hat. New moms aren’t known for their freshly blown-out hairdos. Help her feel put together even on day 5 of a no-shower streak by giving her some dry shampoo and a hat that she can toss on as needed. We recommend CC Beanie high-ponytail hats with the high-pony slit in the back. Compared to traditional baseball caps, these allow her to slip a tousled ponytail or messy bun through the top split for a more elegant and feminine vibe.  Toss in a pair of glammed-up hoop earrings to help her sass up her mom-chic look. 

All the coffee. Having a newborn at home is exhilarating and exhausting. Caffeine can go a long way on those tiresome days that come after sleepless nights. Depending on her preferences, and particularly if she is breastfeeding, she may not want to drink caffeine. In that case, try giving her a gift basket with both caffeinated and decaf coffee so that she has options (and so that you don’t many any wrong assumptions). The placebo effect is strong, and sometimes the taste of coffee, even decaf, can add a little extra pep to her step. New moms love our Messy Bun blend because it has a light, nutty flavor with no bitter and no jitter. 

Gripe Water. I can’t be the only new mom who didn’t know about the magic of gripe water. Seriously, if you’re a mom already and aren’t putting gripe water in your baby shower gift, are you even doing it right? If you haven’t heard of it before, gripe water is safe even for very small babies and is one of the ONLY things that worked for helping my babies with upset tummies. It is safe, convenient, and easy to find, but most new moms don’t know they need it. Toss it in your gift, even if it doesn’t go with the theme. She’ll thank you. 

Nipple Cream. A lot of moms are going to be embarrassed or uncomfortable to put this on their list, and they may not even know they need it. It’s a good idea to ask, prior to the baby shower, if they plan on breastfeeding. If the answer is yes, nipple cream is a great little extra to throw in the gift for mom’s sake. 

A Giant Water Bottle. New moms are often trapped under sleeping babies. Whether they are breastfeeding or bottle feeding, they are going to need to maintain their water intake in order to feel their best. We recommend the BruMate winesulator canteen with winesulator straw attachment. This bottle holds 25oz of water, and with the straw attachment, can be easily reached even when it’s far away. New moms can set it on the end table while they feed their baby and access their water just by leaning over the armchair. Such an easy and convenient way to get that much needed water. 

Activities for older kids. If the new mom has older children to take care of, a very thoughtful baby shower gift is one that includes something for the big kids. Mom will appreciate  that you considered her older kids, and the children will love having new toys to play with and keep them busy when their new sibling comes home. If you’re not sure what to get, we have tons of activities, books, toys, and sensory play available at The Sensible Mama. 

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