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Five Space-Saving Ways to Pack Snacks On The Go

Five Space-Saving Ways to Pack Snacks On The Go

I don’t know about you, but I feel like packing snacks in my diaper bag is the one thing that sort of stresses me out. Where do I put the snacks? Are they going to get smushed in there? What if they spill out and get all over the other stuff in my bag? Even after years of packing diaper bags for my littles, this still gives me anxiety. I’ve come up with a few tricks that seem to work well for me and my family, so today let’s go over them. 

Way #1: Bumkins Grip Dish and Travel Cover 

The Bumkins Grip Dish is a mealtime favorite in our house. It’s microwave and dishwasher safe, and has a suction plate on the bottom to prevent little ones from Hulk-smashing their food across the room. When I am on the go and need a bigger assortment of food, I love to pack up the grip dish along with a set of Bumkins utensils and the Bumkins travel cover. It’s important to note that although the travel cover will hold most food in, if anything you bring with you is liquidy, it could leak out. I recommend putting the grip dish inside of a wet bag just in case. 


Way #2: GoSili Travel Bowl

Sometimes you just need a bowl, and the GoSili travel bowl and plate system is where it’s at! Like the Bumkins grip dish, it is also microwave and dishwasher safe. It comes with an air-tight travel lid that doubles as a plate. Add the GoSIli cup with re-usable straw or sippy lid and you have everything you need for a full meal on the go.

Way #3: LYMIA Brand Bamboo Case (for crushable foods)

This one is unconventional, but it’s an idea that was shared with us by some of our customers. If you have purchased LYMIA BRAND sunglasses, you know that they come in a sturdy bamboo case. This case can be repurposed to contain snacks that tend to crumble, like Nutrigrain bars. You can sit several bars in the case, and once they’re in they are nice and safe for whenever you’re ready.


Way #4: GoBe Kids Snack Spinner

I am convinced that the GoBe snack spinner is one of the most innovative products for kids on the market right now. It contains five tiny bins for storing different small snacks. Each one is the perfect size for holding things like cheerios, marshmallows, blueberries, and more. Load it up with snacks and all your little ones have to do is push the center button to spin the dial and get to whatever treat they want. I have found that this encourages my kids to eat a well-rounded snack instead of fixating on just one thing. It’s gold in our household.

Way #5: Bumkins Snack Bags

Snacks bags are honestly one of the easiest ways to carry snacks. The Bumkins snack bag sets come with 2-3 bags, depending on which set you purchase. They are compact enough to fit in just about any pouch or pocket, and they are perfect for little hands to get to quickly. The only downside is that crushable foods will easily get crushed in these since they are completely soft. But for non-crushable foods, small snack bags are an excellent option for on the go.


To see each of these items in action, check out our Five Ways Wednesday linked below. And of course, all of these items can be purchased directly at The Sensible Mama. We ship same-day for orders placed before 1:00pm EST and next day for orders placed after that time.