Itzy Ritzy Milk Boss - Infant Feeding Pillow

Itzy Ritzy

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This incredible, innovative new infant feeding pillow just won the All Baby and Child 2017 Award of Distinction. 
      How many times have you been feeding your little one and felt that uncomfortable strain in your arms, neck, and back? Do you find yourself piling the sofa pillows under your elbow to feed your baby comfortably? This new infant feeding support is the answer for both breastfeeding and formula feeding moms. Your baby can rest comfortably on the soft pillow, at just the perfect height for getting great milk flow and for keeping mom or dad comfortable, too! We LOVE this new product and can't wait for our customers to give it a try!
      Different levels of cushion create a custom support. Helps relieve arm strain of the person feeding baby. After feeding, put baby on their tummy using the Milk Boss to help burp. Stay-cool inner lining keeps arm comfortable.

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