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Amber Wardell - April 28 2020

A Simple Product for Reducing Anxiety
And It's Brilliant!

imple Product for Reducing Anxiety - And It's Brilliant!
I have struggled with moderate anxiety most of my adult life. I have it together most of the time, but when a sudden stressors hits me, I can spiral fast. I am a firm believer in therapy, self-care, and medication when needed. I also believe in finding small ways to settle anxiety in the moment, when I perhaps need it most.

I carry this little gadget on my keychain. It's small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. It's called a Simpl Dimpl, and it's actually made for children.

My kids both have one of their own! This colorful little fidget toy does exactly what it's intended to do -- it lets me fidget. Rather than squirming uncomfortably or resorting to bad coping mechanisms (mine is picking at my eyebrows), I can get my nervous energy out by popping these colorful little bubbles over and over.

It's not a miracle cure for anxiety. However, in those moments when I feel anxious or overwhelmed, it is comforting and even therapeutic to just fidget with this little gadget. I use it to get the nervous energy out so that I can put my positive energy toward things that matter, like my family, my job, and my hobbies. Although it may not work for everyone, I recommend it to anyone I meet who struggles with anxiety.

Only $4.95

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