Pre-Loved VGUC JuJuBe Hobobe - The Navigator - 061203


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This pre-loved JuJuBe Hobobe- The Navigator is graded as VGUC (Very good used condition). 

Very Good Used Condition: Item has been used more than a few times, may have minor wear or blemishes, or very slight fading. All pieces are with the item unless otherwise stated. Bag has no smell of pets/smoke/mold, etc.

This bag is rated VGUC for the following reasons (see pictures):

-small stains on front of mommy pocket, underneath name plate

-small smudge on front corner

-small streak at top front near zipper

It APPEARS that these small blemishes can be removed with a good rinse or a wash, but note that because we don't know what caused the blemishes, it is impossible to know how easy or difficult they will be to remove. 

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