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Sensible Mama Soaker - Cloth Diaper Inserts

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The Sensible Mama 2PK Soakers - (Select from Microfiber, Bamboo, or a bundle of both) - These Cloth Diaper Inserts can be inserted into any pocket diaper but may also be placed on the shell if not using a pocket diaper. These inserts do not have snaps offering maximum comfort and a complete range of size and absorbency customization by just folding them over to make layers in the areas where you need maximum absorbency.

3 Layer Microfiber is a man-made, absorbent material that is very light and fast drying. 

4 Layer Bamboo is super soft, wicks moisture away quickly, and can keep your baby comfortable even when wet. 

Inserts that are made from natural fibers must be fully prepped before use. The Bamboo inserts will be at their maximum absorbency after 8-10 Hot Wash/Tumble Dry High, however they may be used before they are fully prepped. To prep soakers, wash on hot (no detergent) then tumble dry on high 3-5 times.