PRE-ORDER: Sensible Mama x Toki Pokey - Hand Designed Fob - Rosy Posy


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I will keep this preorder open until Friday, June 2. At that time, I will send the preorders to Alex at Toki Pokey to have them manufactured. Please allow a two week lead time, as these items are made by hand. 


Fobs are fabulous little accessories that jazz up your bags! Whether you put them on a big bag like the BRB, or a small bag like the large set piece, these fobs add a special touch of fun! These Rosy Posy inspired fobs are exclusive to The Sensible Mama, and were designed to be a perfect match with any Rosy Posy bag. But Rosy Posy is not the only print this fabulous fob pairs with! Duchess, Newport, Palm Beach, Nantucket, East Hampton, and many more Jujube prints look stunning with this fob!

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